Introducing the girl behind the blog


I’m Jessica, puppy enthusiast and aspiring business woman. Day to day I work in banking in my office amidst the hustle and bustle of the town. I am working hard to develop my personal brand and build my reputation as a young professional.

When i’m not sitting at my desk, with my cinnamon soy latte and some kind of pastry, you can find me at home with my dog Max, in the village where I grew up surrounded by flowers, fields and farmer accents! Along side pampering to the worlds most spoiled dog and deciding which filter to use on my next instgram post (…its always aden) I have a passion for travel, fashion, food and champagne!

I have decided to write my blog to share my adventures, discoveries and follow along with the journeys of other inspirational bloggers. As well as challenging my self to maybe get a little better at writing too..

So to join me on my journey and possibly learn a few things from one cocktail loving, ambitious business woman to another, follow my blog and instagram @jesscarolinex 🖤



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