My birthday in Dubai

So earlier this week was my 21st birthday, YAY! Seeing as it was a big one this year I decided to take my best friend and I on holiday to Dubai. We went for a couple of days before my actual birthday so I could be home to celebrate with my family on the day.

Dubai is a place I had always dreamed of visiting, for its iconic skyline, Arabian desert beaches and luxury shopping. All I can say is wow it certainly lived up to my expectations!

We arrived late in the evening super excited but tired and ready for bed. Before we had even got out our taxi the hotel concierge had already taken our bags and was guiding us towards check in. The hotel we stayed at was The Four points by Sheraton Downtown Dubai, and I can honestly say the website pictures did not do this place justice. The 24 hour room service had to be the best part though, we made use of it every night.

Day 1

The plan for our first day was an all day shopping trip around the Dubai Mall, and trust me you need all day in there! This mall, along with the rest of Dubai, screams luxury. Along with shopping in the mall there is also an aquarium with a huge fish tank that you can walk underneath through a tunnel. My friend loves sharks and was absolutely in awe of all the sharks they had there. At 4.30 after a long day of shopping we joined the queue to go up the Burj Khalifa. You go up to the 124th floor in a lift that travels at 10 meters per second, where there is a viewing platform to take pictures and stairs to the 125th floor where you can find the gift shop. We then went to a restaurant for dinner and waited for the fountain show to start. The fountain shows are every 30 minutes from 6.30pm until 11.30pm and the shows are different every time. After some persuasion from my friend we got on a boat where we could watch the fountains from the water, I fountain show was truly amazing and probably my favourite part of the whole trip. Trying to get back to our hotel we hunted for a taxi for a really long time, the mall is so big and quite confusing! When we got back to our room I had been sent a birthday cake by the hotel staff which we shared, and ordered some more room service before bed.

Day 2

On our second day we decided to make use of the free morning shuttle bus to Kite Beach from our hotel. Kite beach was gorgeous with a view of the Burj Al Arab in the distance, however we wanted to see the Burj Al Arab up close. So after walking for a bit and coming to the decision the 43 degree heat was far to hot to walk in, we got a quick taxi to Jumeirah open beach where we could swim in the sea right next door. The sea was crystal clear and so warm but eventually it felt to hot for us to sunbathe and we headed back to our hotel, to lounge by the pool for a few hours before the evening. Our final night in Dubai we went on a desert safari which consisted of a 4×4 ride out in to the desert, dune bashing (which terrified me), a traditional Arabian BBQ and an array of different entertainment. It was an incredible experience to be sat in the Arabian desert watching the sunset and get a taste of the culture this beautiful country has to offer. Once again we headed back to our hotel to order room service, this time being chips and ice cream!

Day 3

Day 3 saw us leave Dubai and head back home. We got up extra early for breakfast at 6.30am and got a taxi to the airport at 7. Dubai airport is pretty incredible, not your standard airport duty-free. We grabbed a Costa and waited to board our flight at 9.20am. After 8 hours of flying (the longest flight I have ever been on) we landed at Heathrow. We collected our bags and prepared ourselves for the 2 and a half hour taxi ride home. We finally arrived home around 6pm. It was a lot of travelling for a short time in Dubai but the jam-packed couple of days we had were totally worth it. ♥

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